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New York City
Adriana Deleo – Designer and Simone Pace – Musician at Home in New York City
Faris Badwan – Musician at home in London
Model, Singer and Actress
Lou Doillon at Home in Paris
rapper, designer and art director
DJ Verbal and Yoon at their studio in Tokyo
surfers, artists, musicians
Ozzie Wright, Mylee Grace and Rocky River at Home in Sydney
artist; mc and musician
tracey tawhiao & daniel ‘hype the native’ haimoana dam native
rapper, musician, producer and clothing designer
pharrell williams
jewelry designer; photographer and musician
pamela love & jordan sullivan
music label director; stylist
New York City
keith abrahamsson & kate young
singer for liquid architecture; art and cultural curator, museum director and trouble maker of liquid architecture
audrey mascina & jérôme sans
photographer; artist and musician
New York City
thomas dozol & michael stipe
musician and singer for the entrance band; filmmaker
Los Angeles
guy blakeslee & maximilla lukacs
singer, songwriter and spokesmodel
Los Angeles
jonny makeup
Los Angeles
bob bruno
raw chef and musician;
student and musician
Los Angeles
diva dompe & lola dompe
designer, musician, student
New York City
chase cohl
teenage teardrops, hope gallery and artist; mika miko, artist and fashion plate
Los Angeles
cali dewitt & jenna thornhill
actress and musician
Los Angeles
krysten ritter
heartschallenger band and ice cream truck owners
New York City
leyla, ben & tiger