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Michaels “Made by You” Campaign

Manu Torres floral artist at his home and studio in Portland

Rex Sterling Hamilton – Artist at home in Austin

Evan Voyles – Artist at Home and at his Neon Jungle Workshop in Austin, TX

Alyson Fox Artist and Derek Dollahite Creative Director at Home in Austin

Mike Wellins – Artist at the Peculiarium Portland

Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St. Peter – Artist, Designer and founders of General Store and their son Wild at home in Topanga

Kate Bingaman-Burt illustrator and educator at her studio Outlet in Portland

Peter Shire – Artist at his Studio and at Home in Echo Park, Los Angeles

FriendsWithYou – Artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III at their Studio in Los Angeles

Rob Ryan – Artist at His Studio in London

Holly Wales and Stephen Smith – Artists and Illustrators at Home in London

Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler at home in New York City

Pablo Bronstein – Artist and Leo Boix – Journalist at their home in London

Aldo Chaparro – Artist at home in Mexico City

Amanda Brooks, Christopher Brooks, Coco Brooks and Zach Brooks at home in Oxfordshire, England

Sue Webster – artist at home in London

Bronagh Staley – Owner of Sweet William, and Peter Staley – Artist, Isis and Fiontan at home in Brooklyn

Fede Saenz, Kathrine Glindvad Larsen, and Ray Abeyta at Home in Brooklyn

Ozzie Wright, Mylee Grace and Rocky River at Home in Sydney

Terence Koh and Garrick Gott at Home in New York City

Marie Beltrami at Home in Paris

Hanayo and Tenko at Home in Tokyo

Gray Foy and Joel Kaye

Robert Wilson

Nina Pohl

Curtis Kulig

isabelle tuchband

Peter Curnow & Gavin Brown

Andy Hope

Olaf Hajek

Christoph Niemann & Lisa Zeitz

Sissel Tolaas

aaron young

genevieve griffiths & jake walker

tracey tawhiao & daniel ‘hype the native’ haimoana dam native

misha hollenbach, shauna toohey & odi

david quadrini

gidon bing

jonah freeman & justin lowe

tom sachs

Hrafnhildur Arnardottir & Michal Jurewiczmagnus berger

hunt slonem

jessica grindstaff and erik sanko

stephen powers aka ESPO


kosuke tsumura

vivienne sato

gary card & henderson mccue 

The George Tavern

robert longo

lyn blazer & tony perkins

jonathan & annie zawada

natalie wood


xavier veilhan

thomas lélu

dustin yellin

fergadelic & caroline smithson 

annakim violette

aaron rose

mike mills

philip smiley & abigail smiley smith

H. M. & celestine cooney

david altmeid

deejay wheelie bag

jennifer earle & mike gabel

scott campbell

ryder e. robison

olaf breuning

fanny bostrom & bill gentle

cali dewitt & jenna thornhill

matthew eikelberger

matt creed

adam wallacavage

marc and ian hundley

meryl smith