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Jenni Kayne – Designer at home in Los Angeles

Iris van Herpen at her studio in Amsterdam

Fort Lonesome – Custom Western Wear and Chain-Stitch Embroidery Studio featuring Kathie Sever in Austin, TX

Fred Butler Designer at her Home and Studio in London

Tylynn, Bee, Lotus, Czar and Hunter Nguyen for Polo Ralph Lauren Shot in Calabasas, CA

The Selby x Hazzys

Isabel Marant – Fashion Designer at her Studio in Paris

Olivier Rousteing – Creative Director of Balmain

Beatrice Valenzuela – Designer and co-creator of the Echo Park Craft Fair, Ramsey Conder – designer and their kids Astrid (9) and Dimitri (4)

Camilla Staerk- Designer, Founder of STAERK (Fashion, Interiors, Furniture) and Filmmaker

Audrey Louise Reynolds – Artisan, Painter, Organic Dyer and Gardener at Her Studio in Brooklyn

Kimberly and Nancy Wu – Owners and Product Designers of Building Block at their studio in Los Angeles

Karl Lagerfeld at his Atelier in Paris

Joanna Pybus – Fashion Designer at Home in London

Robert Geller and Ana Lerario-Geller – Fashion Designers and kids Luna and Anis and friend Zizu at Home in Brooklyn

Victoria Bartlett – Stylist and Creative Director, President and Designer of VPL at Home in Brooklyn

Zandra Rhodes – Fashion Designer at Home and her Studio in London

Stephan Janson – Fashion Designer at his studio in Milan

Paco Pintón and Chiquinho at Home in Madrid

Christian Louboutin

Keita Maruyama

Mihara Yasuhiro

Daisuke Genma

Cris Rosenbaum & Marcelo Rosenbaum

boaz mazor

Dorothee Schumacher for Mercedes-Benz

Wolfgang Joop

Alexandre Herchcovitch

jeff halmos & sam shipley

karlee slater

misha hollenbach, shauna toohey & odi

tulia wilson & neha belton

karen walker & mikhail gherman

pharrell williams

andy spade & kate spade

jamie isaia & anthony malat

kosuke tsumura

martin greenfield

yoshiko kajitani

christopher nemeth

ines de la fressange

lucas ossendrijver

susien chong & nic briand

aimee bayliss, nathan smith & anne ryan

Tina Kalivas

natalie wood

alexander olch

tim soar

josh conner and lyz olko

daniela kamiliotis

vanessa giovacchini & marylouise pels

philip smiley & abigail smiley smith

mary randolph carter (“carter”)

chase cohl

christina, lowe and swaim hutson

chuck guarino & ryan turner

judi rosen

alexander wang

brian lichtenberg

chrissie miller

cindy greene

William Eadon