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Michaels “Made by You” Campaign

Mira Kaddoura agency founder and Marco Murillo owner of Product Design Studio The Good Flock and their twins Luna and Nina at home in Portland

Ian Williams – Owner of Deadstock Coffee in Portland, OR

Manu Torres floral artist at his home and studio in Portland

Thomas Lauderdale and Hunter Noack musicians at Rooster Rock outside Portland

Jenni Kayne – Designer at home in Los Angeles

Megan Arambul floral designer at FieldWork Flowers Portland

Nicola Formichetti stylist at home in New York City

Rex Sterling Hamilton – Artist at home in Austin

JoMarie Pitino pasta chef at Ava Gene’s Portland

Evan Voyles – Artist at Home and at his Neon Jungle Workshop in Austin, TX

Iris van Herpen at her studio in Amsterdam

Sam Smith chef and owner at Tusk Portland

Fort Lonesome – Custom Western Wear and Chain-Stitch Embroidery Studio featuring Kathie Sever in Austin, TX

Fred Butler Designer at her Home and Studio in London

Alyson Fox Artist and Derek Dollahite Creative Director at Home in Austin

Mike Wellins – Artist at the Peculiarium Portland

Terry Currier at his record store Music Millennium

Nikki Fenix photographer and her kids True and Brave at home in Portland

Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St. Peter – Artist, Designer and founders of General Store and their son Wild at home in Topanga

Kate Bingaman-Burt illustrator and educator at her studio Outlet in Portland

Arianna Occhipinti – Winemaker

Pam Shamshiri at Home

Tylynn, Bee, Lotus, Czar and Hunter Nguyen for Polo Ralph Lauren Shot in Calabasas, CA

Llyod Kaufman – film director, producer, screenwriter, actor and Co-Founder of Troma Entertainment and his team at Troma Headquarters in NYC

Irene Neuwirth – Jewelry Designer at home in Venice, California

Peter Shire – Artist at his Studio and at Home in Echo Park, Los Angeles

Label/Mix x The Selby

The Selby x Hazzys

“Waiting Games” Starring Miranda Kerr for Vogue

Isabel Marant – Fashion Designer at her Studio in Paris

“Winter Day Ready to Play” Produced by Vogue for J Brand

Chloe Fleury – Paper Artist and Prop Stylist, Mehdi Ait Oufkir – Entrepreneur and their kids Lula (4) and Anouk (2)

Olivier Rousteing – Creative Director of Balmain

Beatrice Valenzuela – Designer and co-creator of the Echo Park Craft Fair, Ramsey Conder – designer and their kids Astrid (9) and Dimitri (4)

Camilla Staerk- Designer, Founder of STAERK (Fashion, Interiors, Furniture) and Filmmaker

Elizabeth and Michael Antonia and their kids Elodie and Francesca

Francesca Bonato and Nico Malleville – hoteliers and perfumers and their kids Leon and Santi

Jesse Marble – Photographer, Jimmy Marble – Photographer and Director, Gracyn (10) and August (6)

Michelle Barry – Creative Industry Executive and Jesse Nemeth – Production Designer and their twins Mabel and Oak (6)

Kelly Furano – Global Biz Development Exec + Founder of FORREST, Keith Eshelman – Cofounder Parks Project, Everly and Leo at home in Venice

FriendsWithYou – Artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III at their Studio in Los Angeles

Meridith Layne – owner of Coveted Things, Jamaal Layne – Cultural Marketing at Sonos and Stella (6) and Goldie (3) at their Home in LA

Sally Breer – Interior Designer and Co-Owner of ETCETERA with her team and her Fiance Dan Medina at work and at home in Los Angeles

Audrey Louise Reynolds – Artisan, Painter, Organic Dyer and Gardener at Her Studio in Brooklyn

Kimberly and Nancy Wu – Owners and Product Designers of Building Block at their studio in Los Angeles

Karl Lagerfeld at his Atelier in Paris

Joanna Pybus – Fashion Designer at Home in London

Ricki Hall and Vix Adams at Home in Croydon, England

Rob Ryan – Artist at His Studio in London

Donald Robertson – Illustrator, twins Henry and Charlie and dogs Donut and Monty at home in Los Angeles

Kurumi Arimoto – Chef, Cooking and Food Expert and Kazuaki Komiya – Interior Designer at Home

Kyohei Ogawa – Stylist and Mikiko, Sena, Kouki, Yuka and Johnny the dog at Home in Hayama, Japan

Robert Geller and Ana Lerario-Geller – Fashion Designers and kids Luna and Anis and friend Zizu at Home in Brooklyn

Yoshiharu Tsukamoto at Home and his Studio in Tokyo

René Redzepi – Chef and Owner and his staff at Noma in Copenhagen shot for Edible Selby book

Victoria Bartlett – Stylist and Creative Director, President and Designer of VPL at Home in Brooklyn

Zandra Rhodes – Fashion Designer at Home and her Studio in London

April Hughes – Stylist and Co-Owner of Beautiful Dreamers at her Home and Store in Brooklyn

Marina Burini – Stylist and Co-Owner of Beautiful Dreamers at her Home and Store in Brooklyn

Dangerous Dan – designer at home in Sydney

Olivier Zahm at Home and Office in Paris for The Selby is in Your Place Book

Adriana Deleo – Designer and Simone Pace – Musician at Home in New York City

Yuriko Takagi – Photographer at her Studio in Tokyo

Holly Wales and Stephen Smith – Artists and Illustrators at Home in London

J.J. Martin – Writer and Editor at home in Milan

Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler at home in New York City

Margherita Maccapani Missoni – Missoni Brand Ambassador at home in Milan

Sergio Colantuoni – Lifestyler at home and at his office in Milan

Andrea Pompilio – Fashion Designer at home and his studio in Milan

Carolina Castiglioni – Director of Special Projects at Marni at home in Milan

John Demsey – Group President Estee Lauder at home in New York City

Shiro Nakano – Character Designer at home in Tokyo

Stephan Janson – Fashion Designer at his studio in Milan

Claire de Lavallee – Ceramist and Sculptor at her studio in Paris

Uberta Zambeletti – Fashion & Design Consultant and Store Owner at Home and at her store Wait and See in Milan

Pilar Munoz – Publicist and Pepe Islas – Entrepreneur at home in Mexico City

Pablo Bronstein – Artist and Leo Boix – Journalist at their home in London

Aldo Chaparro – Artist at home in Mexico City

Amanda Brooks, Christopher Brooks, Coco Brooks and Zach Brooks at home in Oxfordshire, England

Ambra Medda at Home in New York City

Melissa and Emily Elsen at their shop Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn

Faris Badwan – Musician at home in London

Sue Webster – artist at home in London

Andre Walker – Stylist and Consultant at home in Brooklyn

John Derian at Home in New York City

Yvette van Boven and Oof Verschuren at home and at their restaurant Aan the Amstel in Amsterdam

Cake Man Raven at his bakery in Brooklyn

Bronagh Staley – Owner of Sweet William, and Peter Staley – Artist, Isis and Fiontan at home in Brooklyn

Fede Saenz, Kathrine Glindvad Larsen, and Ray Abeyta at Home in Brooklyn

Greg Chait The Elder Statesman

Hannelore Knuts and Nicolas Provost at Home in Brooklyn

Lou Doillon at Home in Paris

Derrick Miller and Jennifer Vaughn Miller at Home in the North Fork of Long Island

Lorie Karnath at the Explorers Club New York City

DJ Verbal and Yoon at their studio in Tokyo

Ozzie Wright, Mylee Grace and Rocky River at Home in Sydney

Caitlin and James Freeman at Blue Bottle and home in San Francisco

Hannah Metz at Home in Brooklyn

Retts Wood at Home in London

Myf Shepherd at Home in New York City

Terence Koh and Garrick Gott at Home in New York City

Marie Beltrami at Home in Paris

Yaz Bukey – designer at home and at her studio in Paris

Libby Callaway – Media Consultant at home in Nashville

Jiro Bevis at Home in London

Great Lake

Philip Oakley and Olivia Yip at home and at Oakley Illuminations

The Trails Cafe Los Angeles

Rita Konig at home in Manhattan

Hanayo and Tenko at Home in Tokyo

Luis Venegas at Home in Madrid

Paco Pintón and Chiquinho at Home in Madrid

Julianne Jones and Didier Murat at Vergenes Laundry Vermont

Colin Spoelman and David Haskell at Kings County Distillery

Gray Foy and Joel Kaye

Christian Louboutin

Nancy Singleton and Tadaaki at the Hachisu Egg Farm and School

Matakana Farmers Market and the Puhoi Library in New Zealand

Jacques Garcia

Robert Wilson

Georg Heinrichs

Nina Pohl

Richard Haines and Ji Tan

Kate Moross and Mable Cable

Keita Maruyama

Mihara Yasuhiro

Hideto Irikawa

Daisuke Genma

Saxelby Cheese

Philip Crangi

Dock Kitchen

Curtis Kulig

Sergio Rodrigues

Pellegrini’s Espresso Bar

isabelle tuchband

Cris Rosenbaum & Marcelo Rosenbaum

boaz mazor

Coffee Supreme

Coco’s Cantina

Stephan Landwehr

Dorothee Schumacher for Mercedes-Benz

Peter Curnow & Gavin Brown

Mathias Dahlgren

Wolfgang Joop

Otto Sander & Monika Hansen

Andy Hope

Greg Wooten

Olaf Hajek

Kødbyens Fiskebar

Alexandre Herchcovitch

Christoph Niemann & Lisa Zeitz

Sissel Tolaas

Angelika Taschen

Stephen and Lucy Marr

Yasumichi Morita-san

Hitoshi Uchida-san & his family Fumika, Hanto and Cocone Uchida

Michael Hainey & Brooke Cundiff

jeff halmos & sam shipley

colin tunstall

aaron young

abigail ahern

katsuya kamo

kyoichi tsuzuki

frank valvo

karlee slater

genevieve griffiths & jake walker

karen inderbitzen-walller & delphine avril planqueel

tracey tawhiao & daniel ‘hype the native’ haimoana dam native

misha hollenbach, shauna toohey & odi

david quadrini

tulia wilson & neha belton

katie lockhart & darryl ward

charlotte rust

Le Bernadin

karen walker & mikhail gherman

gidon bing


Le Chateaubriand

tony conigliaro

ben ospital

Tartine Bakery

pharrell williams

annie novak

andy spade & kate spade

ford wheeler

eileen peters & mark wiesmayr

jonah freeman & justin lowe

Humphry Slocombe

pamela love & jordan sullivan

nicholas andersen & julie ho

albert maysles & gillian walker

erica wilson & vladimir kagan

george lois


Rockaway Taco

glenn o’brien, gina nanni & oscar

tom sachs

gerald decock

herve pierre

lyndsay caleo & and fitzhugh karol

jamie isaia & anthony malat

Hrafnhildur Arnardottir & Michal Jurewiczmagnus berger

malene barnett

philippe starck & jasmine starck

sean macpherson

cindy gallop

dick page & james gibbs

nicki bidder & anton saunders

hunt slonem

sarah cottier, ashley barber & ruby barber

jessica grindstaff and erik sanko

cecilia dean

stephen powers aka ESPO


edward leida

tatsuhiko “ryu” akashi

Mast Brothers Chocolate

keith abrahamsson & kate young

Il Buco Part 1

kosuke tsumura

martin greenfield

fulvia farolfi & greta

elli rose & gui 

Shannon & Dan

vincent darre

yasumasa yonehara

emi kameoka

yoshiko kajitani

fraser cooke

vivienne sato

christopher nemeth

martin jacobs & simon pearce

dj maar and mayu kondo

baby mary

emmanuel perrotin

ines de la fressange

sylvia farago & christopher simmonds

gary card & henderson mccue 

lucas ossendrijver

The George Tavern

robert longo

susien chong & nic briand

harold david & david bonney

george gorrow

aimee bayliss, nathan smith & anne ryan

lyn blazer & tony perkins

Tina Kalivas

Stefano Tonchi

emma balfour, andrew cowen, bruno and elliot

lucy chadwick & duffy

jon liu & laura rule

sally singer

jonathan & annie zawada

natalie wood

julia restoin roitfeld

alexander olch

helena christensen

mark righo & mark wagner

rosa connell & bella howard

tim soar

francois curiel


jacqueline perrett & kelvin ho

pierre hermé

elisa nalin

xavier veilhan

sébastien gaudard

josh conner and lyz olko

michael dupouy

sarah at colette

seth gordon & bootsy holler

frédéric beigbeder

audrey mascina & jérôme sans

monsieur farman

thomas lélu

sofía achával & thibault de montaigu

jacques grange

melia marden & frank sisti jr. aka kid america

thomas dozol & michael stipe

michelle and tracy mccormick

nadège winter

peaches geldof, bunny & lily

dustin yellin

daniela kamiliotis

andrew neuhues

fergadelic & caroline smithson 

guy blakeslee & maximilla lukacs

alessandra torresani

jonny makeup

bob bruno

annakim violette

aaron rose

mike mills

blake mycoskie

diva dompe & lola dompe

tom strickler, theresa kang, elia infascelli-smith & rich cook

vanessa giovacchini & marylouise pels

philip smiley & abigail smiley smith

magnus berger

nicolas malleville & francesca bonato

mark morrison

H. M. & celestine cooney

ingrid sophie schram the first

david altmeid

cheryl dunn & michael karbelnikoff

deejay wheelie bag

mary randolph carter (“carter”)

jennifer earle & mike gabel

chase cohl

scott campbell

christina, lowe and swaim hutson

ryder e. robison

joel c. robinson & leslie ross

cheri messerli & david rager

jauretsi saizabitoria

chuck guarino & ryan turner

olaf breuning

derrick r. cruz

kiyoshi & aya kanai

paola kudacki & james penfold

judi rosen

fanny bostrom & bill gentle

kim hastreiter

alexander wang

cali dewitt & jenna thornhill

brian lichtenberg

krysten ritter

matthew eikelberger

jeff johnson

mark the cobrasnake

brett simon

grace & kenyan

erin wasson

matt creed

adam wallacavage

ryan korban

chrissie miller

marvin jarrett

marc and ian hundley

jean adamson & sam buffa

isabelle mcnally

cindy greene

tom wolfe

lesley arfin

leyla, ben & tiger

mitch alfus

georgie greville

meryl smith

mariko munro & carlos quirarte

William Eadon