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The Selby's Box of Wonders and Book of Wonders

I'm excited to share my first line of paper producers available now! 

The Selby’s Book of Wonders = Piles of my watercolor illustrations all over a journal that looks like my Trapper Keeper from 3rd grade which I can no longer find. Bonus it comes with stickers and features graph paper, blank paper and that strange paper that has dots all over it.

The Selby’s Box of Wonders = Perfect for spamming via snail mail, these 12 cards and envelopes are stuffed with spaceships, hamburgers, mermaids, donuts and road side attractions. Also it comes with sheets of stickers! Hooray stickers!!


Donald Robertson – Illustrator, twins Henry and Charlie and dogs Donut and Monty at home in Los Angeles

Ambra Medda at Home in New York City

Nikki Fenix photographer and her kids True and Brave at home in Portland