The Selby x Selfridges

Shot in London and the surrounding areas October 2014

Old people are cool because they know more than you do about stuff. If they are retired then they don’t have to worry about hustling for coin. They have been around and 9 times out of 10 don’t give a rat’s ass about what anyone things of them. They can follow whatever their hearts desire and get weird all of the time if that’s what they are into. If we are lucky we will all be cool old people one day (if you aren’t one already.)

Selfridges & Co commissioned me to shoot a bunch of older people in October 2014 who are doing exciting things as part of a project they call “Bright Old Things.” I also designed a window at their Oxford Street store which is up until February 28th. Go check it out if you find yourself in London. Thanks to Selfridges and all the people I photographed! Tim Bushe, Andrew Ekins, Tony Gibson, William Forbes Hamilton, Sue Kreitzman, Sand Laurenson, Michael Lisle-Taylor, Molly Parkin, Sally Peplow, Roger Miles, Robert Roope, Bruno WizardDen Woods, Nick Wooster. Thanks to Andrew Meredith for taking the photos of the Selfridges windows!