Morocco X EDUN Part 1: Fes and the Middle Atlas

December 2014

In December my fiance Danielle Sherman and I headed to Morocco to check out the vibes. Danielle is the Creative Director of EDUN, which produces over 95% of its collection in Africa, so she was excited to meet with local artisans and textile workshops. I was excited to take photos and eat some good food. We were only in Morocco for two weeks but we really covered some ground and saw a lot. There is so much to report back that I have split this post into three parts, this first post is focused on the ancient walled city of Fes (which I love) and some of its surrounding areas. Nina Mohammad-Alami at the Artisan Project was instrumental in setting us up with so many of the great people that we met along the way. Thanks to Puja Bhattacherjee at EDUN for connecting us to Nina and for helping us make all the arrangements.




The Artisan Project

Some Links to Great Things in Fes:

Le Jardin Des Biehn, cute hotel with a nice little café. 

Ruined Garden Restaurant, a nice place to chill in Fes for a healthy bite in a cool space.

Resto 7, a great restaurant with a rotating life of guest chefs that come in to cook from around the world.