Home by The Selby X Svbscription


For the last three months I have been working on a parcel with my new friends at Svbscription. Together we have produced two limited edition parcels with a group of great artists, craftspeople and designers from around the world. Here are the fruits of the collaboration and the pictures of everything that we made. www.svbscription.com


Special thanks to everyone who worked on the box:

Everyday Needs and Martino Gamper – Money Box / Vase

Parabellum – Keychain

Mast Brothers – Home by The Selby Dark Chocolate Bar

Coqui Coqui Perfumes – Scented Candle


Thanks also to the people that contributed to the additional items that come with the Premium Package:

Brother Vellies – Slippers

Miller’s Oath – Bow tie

Audrey Louise Reynolds – Dragon’s Blood, Indigo and Turmeric Dye Set

The Selby Home Style Recipes box includes recipes by:

Alice Waters – Chez Panisse

Annie Novak – Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

Caitlin Freeman – Blue Bottle Coffee

Claire Ptak – Violet Cakes

Eric Ripert – Le Bernardin

Eric Werner – Hartwood

Fernando Acair – O Cafe

Gilbert Pilgram – Zuni Cafe

Jessica Boncutter – Bar Jules

Julianne Jones and Didier Murat – Vergennes Laundry

Lydia Esparza – Great Lake Pizza

Nancy Singleton Hachisu – The Hachisu Egg Farm and School Saitama Japan

Russ Moore – Camino

Tom Sachs – Tom Sachs Studio

Stevie Parle – Dock Kitchen