La DoubleJ "Conscious Creators"

featuring Boo & Sarah Simms, Shirley Kurata, Reshma Gajjar & Pia Baroncini

{Creativity is our firepower here at LDJ, particularly when it stems from the heart, the soul, and the innate magic of the people who inspire us. We call this “Conscious Creativity.” So when our friend the phenomenal photographer Todd Selby came to us about a project celebrating LA’s bounty of creative women, we leapt at the opportunity. Fall in love with the five phenomenal West Coast women who let their unadulterated wonder and passion permeate their every endeavour.}

Boo & Sarah Simms

{“I felt so lucky to be doing a job I love every day. It’s like a little dream shop. Every day we walk into it I can’t believe we’ve created this space.” Sarah and Boo Simms, the wildly creative culinary twins behind LA’s most magical cheese and charcuterie shop, Lady & Larder, share their vision on seasonal sourcing, stewardship and spreading joy through food.}

{“I believe in karma, and if you have a kind and giving heart that opens up the world in a way.” A born and bred Angelina, Shirley finds inspiration on a global scale, citing French cinema and Japanese City Pop as influences for her vibrant costume designs and wardrobe stylings.}

{“Representation matters. I am going to keep showing up in the room. You don’t know when your time is going to happen. It’s so nebulous, there’s no formula, you just have to stick around. So I’m sticking around.” Performing artist Reshma Gajjar reflects on her path to dance, on creating art as a first generation American, and on cultivating awareness from within, rather than seeking it elsewhere.}

{“I’ve always been this way. Since I was a little kid. Big ass open mouth. Any form of internet I’ve only ever used as a means to be open and share.” Fashion brand founder, podcast creator and fellow Italophile, creator Pia Baroncini gives us a peek at life as the queen of candor.}