Portland I Love You Selby Art Show at Wieden+Kennedy

Back in the late 90s I hung out in Portland a little bit. I worked on a yet to be published vegan baking zine, biked around town and bought some fresh threads at the Bins (including a straw cowboy hat). I ended up at a Sleater-Kinney show and Carrie Brownstein pointed at me from stage and shouted something at me. Her exact words are lost in the fog of time, but I remember she wasn’t super supportive of my cowboy hat. That being said, this art show is me on stage, pointing at Portland and saying nice things about your cowboy hat.  Portland I love you.

These photos and watercolor illustrations were made over 5 days in June and July 2018 in and around Portland. I like turtles.  I also like cheese.

The Selby