SELBZ, The Selby's Camera Accessories Capsule Collection

Selbz is a new accessories company founded by Todd Selby based on the concept that everything important needs the right amount of wrong. The first collection “Photo Selbz” features exclusive photography related accessories that were produced with six collaborating brands and artists. The products are now available at colette,¬† United Arrows in Japan starting December 6th at their Harajuku Men’s Store, MAC in San Francisco¬†and at Alchemist in Miami. Thanks to all of our collaborators and retailers, this was a blast to work on!

Collaborators include:

William Eadon


Building Block

Chris Uphues

Hacienda Montaecristo

Brother Vellies

Selbz products in order of appearance in the gallery below:

William Eadon x Selbz Camera Jewelry

DEGEN x Selbz Camera Wraps

DEGEN x Selbz Camera Bags

DEGEN x Selbz Camera Straps

Building Block x Selbz Camera Tassels

Chris Uphues x Selbz Heart Reflectors

Chris Uphues x Selbz Memory Card Holders

Chris Uphues x Selbz Apple Box Sets

Chris Uphues x Selbz Apple Boxes

Hacienda Montaecristo x Selbz Camera Straps

Brother Vellies x Selbz Afrika Slippers

Brother Vellies x Selbz Cape Town Shake Down Socks

Brother Vellies x Selbz I Heart Afrika Socks