The Selby Comes Home Book

At the root of it, I’m a nosy, curious person, and I just wonder about people and how they live. I want to go there, meet them, and see how they live, and my photography and these books are really my key to this amazing life and project. The Selby Comes Home is all about families living in a creative way or, more specifically, helping people’s homes and lives change when they have kids. My previous books have always followed my passions, and after having two kids, my world changed. Kids have a way of rewriting your perspective, that’s for sure. It’s exciting how young people have so much less of a filter and or are less self-conscious. They are the true artists. This book documents 41 different families in various cities and towns, both in the US and outside of it, from Kiwis living just a short canoe ride away from the best tacos this side of the dump to a family in East LA who gives out Homing pigeons as birthday presents. It’s a unique assembly of lifestyles, homes, styles, and dance styles (there is a professional Irish tap dancer and an American-style tap dancer.) It’s quirky, colorful and it has a crossword puzzle. I’m proud of it and I think you might just dig it.