The Selby House Museum Show at Daelim Museum

April 27 - October 29, 2017

As a kid, I hoarded tons of knick knacks and clothes in huge piles in my room. Instead of cleaning up, I hatched a plan to make the world a more colorful, messy place. This exhibition at Daelim Museum is my first attempt to bring this idea and my experiences together and share them through my photography, films, illustrations and sculptures.

If you are in Seoul before October 29th, I hope you can check it out! Special thanks to all the people who helped us bring the show to life including: Daelim Museum Curators, Marketing/PR, Merchandising and Education teams, Danielle Sherman, Camilla Ferenczi, Sally Singer, Mark Hunter/ The Cobrasnake, Hans Seeger, Jason Polan, James Obed, William Eadon, Johnny Goss, Ryan McGuffin, Blake Brent, Adam ‘Data’ Kleifield, Rhonda Sherman Friedman and the amazing Epilogue printing team including Allan Finamore, Sierra Gonzalez, Khai Le and Ashley Walters.

All PR/Marketing Materials provided by Daelim Museum