Progressive Regressive Fiber Entrepreneur
Ambika Conroy – Progressive Regressive Fiber Entrepreneur at Her Farm in Woodridge, New York
Sweetgreen x The Selby
Sweetgreen x The Selby
Hair Designer
Marisol Suarez – Hair Designer at Studio Marisol in Paris
Artistic Director
Pascale Mussard – Artistic Director of Hermès Petit H at the Studio in Paris
chef and owner
Grant Achatz – chef and owner and his Staff at Next and The Aviary for the 2011 Next “Tour of Thailand” Menu in Chicago
Linnéa Thomsen – Baker at Rosendals Trädgård in Stockholm
Cédric Casanova – Owner of La Tête Dans les Olives at his Store in Paris
Chef, Blacksmith, and Owner
Angelo Garro – Chef, Blacksmith, and Owner of Renaissance Forge at Home in San Francisco